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Originally Posted by Darth333 View Post Choices in RL are not illusions. For some people, one person making the wrong choice or pressing the wrong button can result in hundreds without a home in a few months or even become hungry...I rarely sleep well at night in fear of "pressing the wrong button".
LOL. And for some people, no matter what choice they make the outcome always ends up being the same, of course these are different matters entirely from Mass Effect.

Anyway, as for gaming, I think ME3 ending has shown how they did not dare to make a choice in fear of displeasing someone in the fan crowd. So they left the choice to the player but in the end there were no real consequences...everyone got about the same ending....even moreso for color blind players. So, for not daring to please someone, you might end up pleasing no one or so.
I see it more as a case of rewrites being made by different writers = a tail end that doesn't match the front end. |

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