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Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
@ Tot: I'm aware of what I said, and then Mass Effect 3's ending comes along and shows you just how bad an ending can get that it ends up turning the journey sour... that is for a rerun. I cherish my one and only journey through the Mass Effect trilogy until that ending... however, because of that ending, I find that I can't go through that journey again to take all of those different choices I never took. Because of that ending, once is enough for me. No more.
Was merely tweaking you, lynk. Just figured it was a good excuse to turn your words back on ya is all. Frankly, though, given the nature of the enemy in that game, not really sure how anyone expected it to be too much different. The star child was nothing more than a lame manifestation of the AI you had to confront anyway and was foreshadowed throughout. So, while I agree that the ending was underwhelming, it wasn't a deal breaker for me. However, as I also said, not rushing to get any "sequel" in the franchise.

Suddenly we're BioWare Okay folks, time to offer up some solutions so we can re-release Mass Effect 3 with a much better ending, chop chop. Hurry up now or EA will fire us all. Solutions by people have been presented in the past, I'm pretty sure I presented solutions as well... but so what if we come up with solutions or not?
It'd be interesting to see what some other peoples' solutions were. Asked that question in a thread (this one?, don't remember), but very few people seemed game to answer. I figure if people are gonna complain that the pooch was screwed, that perhaps they have definite ideas of their own about how it should have gone down.

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