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Now all you're doing is herding me into a position where my views and opinions are rendered invalid by default because I may or may not have thought of solutions to BioWare's problems. If BioWare would like to pay me to solve their problems, by all means, I welcome the money and the opportunity...

But I'll play your little game and give you a single example: The Geth. In Mass Effect 2 you have the power to basically determine where the future of their species will lead... in Mass Effect 3, the same basic thing occurs in the Quarian/Geth arc with just a few character changed around. It's epic, yes... but no real branching paths, just character swaps and a happy/bittersweet or sad variation of the same thing. Why not let us have an ending where depending on our choices made in ME2/3 relating to the Quarians and the Geth, we could have some kind of victory where those two factions played a huge part and even change the course of the entire ending.

Again, I don't write fan fiction so that's about as good an explanation I can give you.

With that said, and I'd like to stress this... What none of us can do in this thread or any other thread relating to something we have no power to change is to give constructive criticism. Constructive criticism requires that we have an actual part to play in the design changes of what is being discussed. *points @ tot* As I said before, what you were doing was trying to render my opinion and views invalid unless I presented a solution that cannot be enacted... even though I did provide a solution in my previous post which was referencing a previous post in this thread to begin with. |

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