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Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
Now all you're doing is herding me into a position where my views and opinions are rendered invalid by default because I may or may not have thought of solutions to BioWare's problems. If BioWare would like to pay me to solve their problems, by all means, I welcome the money and the opportunity...
ahh, don't give up so easily. i'm pretty sure that Bioware doesn't know/care that this thread even exists, but why not? nobody said that you have to be a good writer to come up with a solution to this sort of a problem, and whether or not a solution would ever be implemented is a rather moot point given that you faced a problem and tried to solve it. you never know if you might have an untapped skill somewhere. i believe that you probably have some great ideas, and you've already presented a few to boot.

and before you tell me that its just a waste of time, let me be the first to remind you that we're discussing a video game trilogy that takes about 70-90 hours to complete.

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