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Originally Posted by Hassat Hunter View Post
Meh, I don't care for lvl 50+ raid content. Grind = suck.
You seem to be equating Ops to grinding. From my stand point the two are not the same. I have done EV and KP 20 plus times each, at least, but if someone yells tonight to go again, I will jump at the chance. I see something different every time I do a raid. What doesn't change is I will lmao every time. Even in the worse wipefest, I will find something to make me smile. It is just a game, those toons are not real, but the people I am listening to and talking to in voice are real.

Originally Posted by Hassat Hunter View Post
Once I finish my class story it's bye bye character... why do silly reruns and stuff? Never understood that part of MMO gameplay...
I thought that way too, until I actually ran a raid. My first raid where I fell in love with the concept that I thought was stupid, wasn't even with friends. Mav got me to sign up for the raid with Casual Alliance. I didn't know anyone in the group. I was a terrible healer too (even worse than I am now), but by the time we finished I was hooked. Now when someone put up a event I am the first to sign up, when someone is looking for a healer in alliance chat, I jump at the chance. I was a bye, bye person after class story, now I don't even have time to do the stories because I am either doing a raid or working on making my 50 toons better for Ops.

Now dailies and HMFP still feel like grinding to me, but they are quick and painless and needed to make myself better for the real prize Operations. I am not one of those that just do ops for gear either, you can ask Lynk or Mav I may get gear in 1 out of every 10 Ops I do.

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