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TOR ate my KotOR
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Originally Posted by CptPriceless View Post
Oh yes, I feel you. When you play KotOR, Revan isn't some distant character, Revan is you; you are Revan. The novel completely changes that. It's as if one day you stop living your life, and you see some other bum in your body making decisions for you and living what your future was supposed to be - only, that fool screws you over. Really disappointing.
Not going to read the novel because it does mess over the only character in the KotOR or TSL that was my character, but it has nothing to do with Revan. The main character in KotOR was never my own character, it was Revan, some wannabe sith lord. My character never would have traveled the road of the darkside. So the novel does nothing to mess up my idea of Revan, because Revan was a bioware creation and premade, cookie cutter, cliché PC, may as well played Halo as a RPG. Exile on the other hand was my character, her motivations were my own, and what did I get for it, a lightsaber in the back.

Originally Posted by Shem View Post
I still to this day have no desire to ever play TOR.
Your loss. On my forth character and other than a few nods to KotOR and TSL, there really isn't much about Revan outside of a couple flashpoints. The Jedi Knight has a bit more and a moment that really annoyed me in a companion discussion, but beyond that and two flashpoints Revan really isn't a issue. More like a after thought, which is the way it should be.

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