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*points* OBJECTION! *shakes my head you at you*

The problem is this: As already stated, I have already stated that I've offered alternatives in my previous post. You rejected that and challenged me to come up with something in more detail. I told you that I don't write fan fiction and with that you still wanted me to go into detail because if I didn't, I then had to be a whiner and not someone with a valid opinion... and even better, you had the tone of "you're not one of THOSE people are you?" at the end of that post.

Now, even worse is that I wasn't the one that started this new round of "ME3 ending whining" as has been suggested. All I did was mock Wii U and the Mass Effect 3 port released on it and others interpreted that as something else. However, out of the people here. The reason I spoke up was because I would rather defend the people who "whine" about video games than discourage anyone from expressing their opinion, even if it's rehashed.

Yes, things are being rehashed, but how about YOU provide alternatives instead of whining about the whiners? I presented that point to stingerhs too because the obvious point here is that instead of attacking the people in the thread, what could have... SHOULD have been done was to take the thread in a new direction by providing an alternative topic.

Instead, we have come to this. The topic that is being rehashed is merely being perpetuated rather than ignored and making an effort to move the topic on to something else.

The next post will steer this thread in a new direction, how about you do that tot? Because hey, it's more productive than calling the other members in here whiners, right? I'd think so. |

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