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Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
Yes. I was pissed off by the fact that people were being called whiners because of their opinions and I'll defend them whether you like it or not and I don't apologise for it at all. And yes, it is as much my fault because I didn't want to back down.
That's fine. My only point from the beginning was that only complaining about it eventually causes people to eventually tune them out, not that it invalidates the nature of their complaint.

Structurally the biggest flaw of Mass Effect 3 was that no matter what choice you made, the situations you were put into were the same basic events with slight differences. I feel like even if your suggestions were added into the game, they'd suffer the same way everything else suffered in the game because everything had to be easily interchangeable. Tali dead in ME2? That's okay, she's replaced and the events that occur the same way anyway with one or two small bits changed and no real consiquence. Legion is dead? Same thing. Both dead? Same thing.
Yes, as they did it, but I thought the whole purpose of this thought experiment was to suggest changes that would have been incorporated into the game, thus changing it from how it ultimately played out. Perhaps the ultimate problem was in the conception of the series. They knew their ending was gonna lack, so they strung everyone along as long as they could to that point. If this was the ending they basically planned 6+ yrs ago, maybe they need better talent.

The whole conversations with crew thing is a good point though what really hinders ME3 was the fact that most times you were only given two choices on how to answer instead of a more diverse selection.
Given how they basically bragged about the number of lines in the game, more options would have been nice.

Also, sue me if I don't provide "concrete alternative solutions"... they're implied
Ah, it's a mystery, then.

Incidentally, that Tali post I did on Miiverse got flagged for being a spoiler... I sat there for a good minute or so trying to figure out which part of it was a spoiler... I have no idea o.o

Only other things I'd add might be that Shep actually live at the end, not quite like in the light side ending of KOTOR, but with maybe a 15+ minute or so dénouement with any/all remaining players brought together. Given this was the end of his story arc, I don't really care that he died (in most of them), but an option where he basically goes off into the sunset would have been ok too. Also, perhaps in the case of the Geth and Quarians, both go out in a blaze of glory (perhaps the option where you killed the heretics in ME2) over Rannoch.

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