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Originally Posted by KoMoDo89 View Post
Hey guys,

I have this game running for years and I just moved back to the US. Trying to get a gamelist on any mode, and nothing shows up! I hit get new list or refresh servers and nothing. Also, I saw a list of servers a few days ago but now I loaded jk2 mp which crashed for some reason on the loading screen, then, when reloading it and it worked, no servers are showing up!

Thank you.

Are you still having this problem? The most probable reason for this is that you can't connect to the JK2 Master Server. This may happen when the Server is down for maintenance, or maybe your ISP can't connect to the Server temporarily ( too much traffic, etc). If this does happen, try again in a while. Maintenance of the Master Server usually takes a few hours, and any traffic problems etc. with your ISP should be fine as well. I also recommend getting a third party server utility like Pathfinder, All Seeing Eye, Gamespy, etc.

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