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Star Wars Knights of the old Republic 3: Vengeance

Here's the thing for a few years people have waited eagerly for Kotor 3 but instead were given the old republic. which allthough it was a good game wasn't kotor 3.
so i decided that the fanbase will create it's own version, the end of the kotor trilogy.
it will be based on the storyline of the revan book taking place just of kotor showing revan leaving to face the emperor and then fast forward a few years to the end of kotor 2 and will end with meetra suriks tragic demise.
I'm still in the planning stage at the minute so i need to form a team of people willing to help.

What I currently need help with is.
1) Someone experienced in the modding scene to help me get started.
2) Anyone who has experience in creative writing.
3) Anyone who thinks they can help us in other ways

If you would like to apply for the team please send an email to

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