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Handmaiden, Influence, and what makes her angry.

So after looking through a bunch of posts on different forums, I never found any concrete information as to what is exactly the cause of Handmaiden becoming angry. Some said it could be caused by gaining any influence with Visas, or by talking to Visas a certain amount of times, or even just spending time with her. I was curious (and a little bored), so I decided to delve a little deeper.

Turns out, the one big thing that makes Handmaiden angry is when the player has 30 or more positive influence with Visas than the player does with Handmaiden. Meaning, if the player has 50 influence with Handmaiden, and 79 influence with Visas, then the player will not trigger Handmaiden's rage. But as soon as there is more than a 29 point gap, the next time the player enters the Ebon Hawk, the scene with Kriea and Handmaiden will play, and Handmaiden will give you the cold shoulder for the rest of the game.

Something else interesting is that this influence gap only goes one way. Meaning if the player has 50 influence with Visas and 100 with Handmaiden, nothing will ever happen because the game only checks to see if Visas' is 30 points higher than Handmaidens'.

It also doesn't necessarily mean that one would have to gain positive influence with both Handmaiden and Visas too. The player could gain negative influence with both, since speech checks are set up to check for either positive influence or negative influence.

For those that aren't too familiar with the workings of influence, influence is on a scale of 0 - 100. 0 is considered having negative influence, 50 is considered neutral influence, and 100 is considered positive influence. An influence check that needs 75 for the player to pass, can also be passed with influence of 25. Since 50 is considered the middle ground, plus or minus 25 points is considered the same, just on different sides of the scale. If you have positive influence with a NPC, the NPC will be the same alignment as you. If you have Negative influence with an NPC, the NPC will be the opposite alignment as you. That's really the only difference.

So, this basically boils down to a few different ways the player can gain influence with Handmaiden and Visas without Handmaiden ever becoming angry:

Handmaiden Positive & Visas Positive
Handmaiden Positive & Visas Negative
Handmaiden Negative & Visas Negative

You just won't be able to gain negative influence with Handmaiden and positive influence with Visas without her getting mad. But if you insist on doing that, you can change a few variables in Kotor Save Editor (KSE) to allow you to talk to her again.

This is under Globals, and then Numerics.

000_Hand_Angry: If this is set to "1", then change it to "0".
000_Hand_Finale: If this is set to "1", then change it to "0".
003EBO_Visas_Hand : If "this is set to "2", then change it to "1". If it is already set at "0" or "1", then leave it alone.

On a side note, you only need 75 (or 25) influence with Handmaiden to turn her into a Jedi. You need 75 (or 25) to pass the influence check, about her father, after sparring with her the 3rd time. After that, you'll have to pass another influence check that is at the most, 75 or 25 (it actually could be less), to have her abandon her oath to Atris.

And that's pretty much it, now that my curiosity is sated.

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