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Originally Posted by mur'phon View Post
Having been the victim of quite a few tanking screw ups (to the point that I religiously add any half decent tank I find to friends), I know just how little it takes to destroy a group, while if I make a tiny screw up as a healer, most people pop a health pack and we are fine.
Oh, I get it. Risk of losses for difficulty encountered is simply not worth it to you. Yeah, you pretty much have to be of the mind and personality for it.

As a side note, we're polar opposites on many things I notice. Peculiar way the world has of balancing things out.

As for the assassin, the part I find interesting is their involvement with the running of the empire (I do political science, sue me).
Inquisitors are the same regardless of the progression tree you choose, I'm pretty sure.

Magic, black and white morality and "badassery" are things I try to avoid if I can.
So intrigue and money are where it's at for you then? (can't think of much else)

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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