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((I'd just delete them. But thats just me.))

((@JM12, feel free to have Tyrannus knock Varith out or something before the others arrive. I'd prefer to keep him alive though.))


You might as well ask me to be nice to the Viper.

I would never do such a thing. She sent back jokingly. I Know you love picking on her and would never take that away from you.

Alriana looked around the hanger and saw a large group of bodies on the floor. They had been killed by a lightsaber. The closer she looked at the hallway though the more she could see scorch marks on the walls.

It looks like either one of the dark jedi went through here or that Cathar did. she thought to herself as she heard the far away sound of a lightsaber humming through the air.

I recognize that saber. It's his. She thought as she narrowed her eyes. She ignited her own lightsaber and ran down the corridor as she tried to get closer to the Cathar. If he or one of those dark jedi got to the child first then it would bad news.

I am guessing that you couldn't stand by and wait?

Guilty as charged. She sent back. I found another corridor. That Cathar dark jedi is killing off the pirates and my guess is that he knows how to get to her faster. We need to pick up the pace a bit. I'll try to slow him down so you can get there first.

"You are strong little one. You are your father's child but I know things you don't. You are not important. The one coming for you is."

The cathar child moved back as far as she could as she tried to get further away from Tyrannus. She could sense the darkside coming off of him and it was scaring her.

"Step away from my daughter." Came a cold voice from behind him. Varith stepped out of the corridor as one of the few remaining pirates hit the floor with a thud.

"I thought she would be in safe hands by now." He continued. "It appears that I was wrong. I'm going to give you one opportunity to leave. I suggest you take it."

Death's Head

"As soon as my daughter's team returns to the Ackbar, I want everyone gathered in the War Room."

"Understood Master Jedi." She sent back. "Would you like Grand Admiral Velerc to attend as well?"
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