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TOR ate my KotOR
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Originally Posted by Blix View Post
So is playing TOR basically pointless unless you're subscribing for all of the perks?
No... Helped a smuggler yesterday with his/her class mission Corellia. He/She was level 48 and had gotten there without sub or buying any Cartel Coins. The smuggler said he/she had to grind some to stay leveled properly, but as a subscriber I had to do the same thing with my scoundrel. He/She said it was no problem leveling and 2 bars were more than enough up to that point.

Not every ability needs to be on your quick bar. He/She hadn't decided if he/she would continue with after 50 stuff, but was planning on rolling a knight next. Could have just been saying that because the nice, pink knight was killing his/her boss.

So no, at least according to someone that has leveled a toon to 48 and finished their class story, it is not pointless to go f2p. Like Lynk wrote, it is pointless if you want to do after 50 stuff.

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