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Originally Posted by Hassat Hunter View Post
Actually, if you finish all sidequests, your exactly the right level (up till 30 atleast, there with zbyl).
As subscriber you get twice the XP. But the only result of that is that you quickly outlevel your opposition.
I hardly call actual sidemissions a grind or bothersome.
Really? They actually balanced it out? This is looking better.

Let's see...
* Progression is the same. F2P have the same amount of skills and powers, so, no, not that.
Oh good.
* Half-the-carry-space is true. But overall it's filled with junk anyway. I never ran out. And if I did, just drop some junk.
Ok, on par. Useless junk, or just stuff that will sit around until maybe you can use it--not usually until much later?

* Crappier gear. So far (30) I only found a single purple item (which I cannot use), which had pretty horrible stats. So far, not noticing it thus.

* Daily missions and weekly missions are all there. You're limited on warzones of course, but the world bosses? Nothing stopping you.
Well now that sounds promising. I'm so used to free status of most games having so little of any real "action".

That or they'd structure raids or bosses such that you could only beat the easy path and get the crappy ending/results on freebie. So no jipping like this for F2P?

* Fun missions. All missions but operations are in. Are those the only fun quests in the game? If so, that's a massive failure of it's own. I don't think so. Even with too much combat, the dialogue saves it somewhat. I like roleplaying. Enough to overcome gameplay apparently.
Hm. Well then this might be worth f2p afterall.

Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
Stuff is still a hell of a lot more convenient for F2P folks than it was for subscribers that started with the game.
In what ways?

Partially incorrect, you can still get cool stuff, just not cool end game stuff and gear that'll allow you to do the really high end operations... since if you really cared about that kind of stuff, you'd subscribe anyway.

Well it's just that I'm so used to...for example BioWare social's SuperHero City...basically until you pay for some items (of which there are TONS) you will have to go without. So if you met another Lv 255 who played just as long as you but that guy spent his inheritance (or moth's rent at least) on all that "stuff" all along, you can bet you're getting stomped.

So, you can more or less go head to head with others that are equivalent to your character and not have to be concerned that everyone else out-stats you by like 2X, 3X or 10X?

Because that gets ridiculous when you're the kickball for all the other people in your level range.

Limited, yes. Off limits, no. Though I don't really know what you mean by fun missions since that varies from person to person.
It (like most of what I said but snipped) is what I have come to generally expect in F2P. As I said above, you could have a raid but because of how it is structured, you wouldn't be able to do jack squat more or less.

Or in some of these games where you have a "final campaign" but because you didn't put any $$$ in for their "credits", you're S.O.L. in some way or another if there is any kind of time constraint, or some item is required that costs "credits", or what have you. Or in still other games you have daily missions but select missions are not available and limits the amount of income/rewards you can receive per day. Sort of like the XP in post above, but reaches into more areas.

I'm glad to see they aren't as oppressive about it and have taken time to, you know, really balance it out.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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