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It's not perfect, but it's not anywhere near as bad as people are saying it is... plus the subscribers are giving the relevant feedback to make sure that it isn't unfair for F2P people.

With that said, F2P isn't meant to be a free ride, it's meant to be the minimum people need to enjoy the game. If people really want to get into the involved competitive aspect of PvP or the involved cooperative aspect of engame PvE, then it's only natural you become a paying subscriber because those parts of the game are... as I said... ery involved and require you to be pretty damn invested in the game, enough to want to PAY for it.

As for the rest of it, subscribers want the F2P folks to be happy cause we like having them around and we want people to enjoy the game. That's why the subscribers have been the ones to demand the suggestions that BioWare has actually taken to heart and have changed the F2P game accordingly because subsribers know better than anyone else what is needed, minimum, to enjoy the game. |

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