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Death's Head

I Know you love picking on her and would never take that away from you.

Tavaryn gave a wry grin and replied, Well I prefer her than the butcher on the Death's Head.

Ackbar Brig

Scatty cursed at Komad's diagnosis, "Sithspit."

Between this, and the Force Relay we found on Dagobah, we're really running out of time.

Scatty nodded, "I'll agree and I'll bet that we're gonna need everything we've got on this one." She turned to give the order to police the body and prep it for the CMO to do an autopsy if the Admiral wanted it.


I found another corridor. That Cathar dark jedi is killing off the pirates and my guess is that he knows how to get to her faster. We need to pick up the pace a bit. I'll try to slow him down so you can get there first.

Jun-la listened to Alriana and nodded. They could pick up the pace. She sent back, I won't tell you about being careful but may the Force be with you.

She looked at Xandros and said, "We got to pick up the pace. Let's move." She started moving down the corridors and slashed at anything that tried to stop them.


Step away from my daughter.I thought she would be in safe hands by now.It appears that I was wrong. I'm going to give you one opportunity to leave. I suggest you take it.

Tyrannus looked at the Cathar with a look of bemusement. He hadn't seen one in years and this one was well adept in the Force. He gave a slow grin that didn't say he wanted to be friends. He replied, "Only one? I take it you are not a Jedi then?"

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