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Well I prefer her than the butcher on the Death's Head.

I haven't met the doctor aboard the Death's Head. She sent back thoughtfully, is she really worse than our esteemed CMO on the Ackbar?sent to Tavaryn.

I won't tell you about being careful but may the Force be with you.

Alriana smiled a very small smile. I survived in stasis for nearly a hundred years and I've made it all the way to this century. I'd say the force is always with me. She sent back jokingly.

"We got to pick up the pace. Let's move."

Xandros grinned at those words and ran beside her as the two of them cut down any pirates that came close to them. He turned around and saw that he had missed a droid carrying a rifle. He picked up the droid with the force and slammed it against the wall hard enough that it's arm fell off.

"Make sure that we don't miss any of them. The last thing we need is to get caught in a crossfire from behind."

He saw a small group of pirates coming around the corner and he grabbed a flashbang from his belt and launched it at the group.

"Only one? I take it you are not a Jedi then?"

Varith ignited his lightsaber and held it in a combat ready stance in front of him. "I am not a jedi and I'm not a sith either."

He began to gather the force around him and returned the dark grin with one of his own. "I'm going to tell you one more time. Step away from her."

The humming of another lightsaber filled the room as Alriana ran into the room. "Step away from her and I promise that you both will be unharmed."

Varith looked over at the jedi and smiled. "I thought you would arrive sooner. This just shows how slow the jedi are to act."
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