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Okay so some more questions from me.

1. I have 3 toons... a lvl 50 Gunslinger a lvl 25 Sentinal and a lvl 34 Sith Sorceress. On my Sith I am a healer and me and my partner are basically crafters at this point making mods and augments for each other to use.

I have 400 Armstech on the slinger 400 Synthweaving on the Sent and 400 Armormech on the Sorc.

Now my question is on the sorc being a healer would I benifit now useing more alacrity augs and power augs as opposed to resolve augs. I know 2.5 seconds doesn't seem like a long time to cast a healing power but gamewise is seems to take forever. I know endgame I would probably use more resolve than anything else but at this level alacrity is a bit harder to come by than it is in later levels. SO just wondering about that.

2. Is there a button or a way I can quickly change targets as opposed to just clicking on them. I only ask because at the end of Directive 7 the claw bugs the hell out of me. I can CC the claw when I can target it but manually targeting it takes a bit of patience and some skill and keeps you from helping dps wise. Is their an easier way of doing this? I did taget it once and hit Alt 4 like I can do with bosses but once its cc'ed and goes back up I would have to do it all over again when it comes back down.

Those are really the only 2 questions I have right now, been modifying my UI on my healer from suggestions I have seen here and on the WC site and from looking at some of the screenshots people have put up. ANy more suggestions would be great in that regard.

Thanks in advance


On a sidenote earlier I had asked where do you get the gift fragments for the curator on the fleet...... I have been told it is archeology or treasure hunting that gives you these fragments can't remember which.

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