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Originally Posted by Ignoble View Post
Is the TSLRCM good? I was deciding whether or not to get Kotor2. I will be honest - the amount of canon is putting me off. The Exile seems to have gotten shafted as bad, or worse, than Revan.
One of the best parts about KOTOR 2 was the dialogue options you have for the Exile.

In the first KOTOR, your dialogue choices were just "who are you?", "why?", "what should we do now?", "What happened to your mother?" etc...

In KOTOR 2, some of the dialogue choices were 2 or 3 sentences long, like "How can anyone let Revan leave, letting someone of that importance just walk away and disappear? What is wrong with you people?" etc... and you would also be presented with 6 or 7 dialogue options at the same time, which was just awesome.

Especially the parts where you talk to Atris and Atton, I felt that I was having an argument with an in-game character. It was more fun than most boss battles I've fought.

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