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Just finished Omega.

It's ok; IMO not as good as Leviathan or Lair of the Shadow Broker. I think it fits very well with the vanilla game - it felt just like one of the side missions (while Lev and LotSB felt like special story events).

I found the whole thing rather predictable (though that can be said of Mass Effect as a whole) - for example,
Show spoiler

I find it a little funny that no attention whatsoever is drawn in-story about Nyreen's gender, considering that she is the first Turian female Shepard has encountered in months (or ever, as far as the player is concerned). I suppose that is to be expected, since the almost complete lack of non-Human, Asari, and Quarian females up to this point in the trilogy is somewhat of an awkward issue. But thus far, Krogan females have been explained to be rare, and I think Salarian females prefer to remain on their homeworld; I don't know what the lore explanation for Turians is.
I like the Turian female physical design. I hope they're brought to Multiplayer sometime, too.

I also like how the DLC lets us see more of Aria; she is one of the more favoured characters among fans, as far as I know.

There were a few animation glitches, as has been pointed out by Stingerhs. I don't recall ever encountering those bugs previously, so it was a bit strange (and immersion breaking).

It was funny playing Single Player Normal difficulty after playing Multiplayer. In fact, I think even Bronze may be harder than Normal.
I've heard Insanity is a walk in the park compared to Gold, though I have yet to try this.

[EDIT]Confirmed. I just replayed the (DLC) endgame on Insanity, and it didn't even begin to rival Gold. More like Silver. When you add the time perception manipulation features available in single player, it almost feels like you're cheating.
I think I'll try get that Insanity achievement next time I play through...

mfw I read the Revan novel

it is not a cry of joy.

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