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Although... if there was ever a night to take up drinking, it was last night.

I was in such a foul mood when I got home. First: Work sucked. A huge disorganized cluster****tastrophy.

Then: Knowing I was already a bit heart-sore, the universe in all it's wisdom decided to keep finding new ways of rubbing salt into the wound.

Normally, I can travel the subways back and forth to work 200+ times between seeing happy couples making out in public on the train. Last night, I literally couldn't turn my head without seeing people playing kissyface around me.

Just walking the block to the station I saw 3 couples swapping spit. Then the seat directly next to me on the first train I took had a couple sucking face.

Then, after not seeing her for almost 3 years, I realized I was walking behind the Japanese actress and her boyfriend when I transferred trains. That was a shock. I don't think she saw me, fortunately... and I moved to the far, far end of the platform to keep from having to interact with them. That was not something I could have handled dealing with good graces at this point in time.

Then in the second train, I had Gropey McGhee and his girlfriend sitting directly next to me on the left, and a pair of tongue wrestlers directly on my right. And another smoochy couple getting cozy across from me. I couldn't escape it.

I wanted to scream at the sky: "Really?!?? You are doing this to me right now?!??"

If I was a more superstitious person it really would have made me think that I'm living under a curse.

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