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no i didnt get to shoot that weapon. i have fired the M16A2, M4, M2 .50 Cal. (the newer one that doesnt require headspace and timing) M240b, M249, M320 Grenade Launcher, M203 Grenade Launcher, Mk19 Grenade machingun, and M136 AT4. all "explosive" firing weapons i only got to use the chalk rounds. .50 cal is pretty fun to shoot.

@k_k: my rifle is bolt action remington 710 shoots .270 caliber ammo, it has a composite stock looks like a sniper rifle lol and it is very accurate. came with a 10x power scope.

im not really gun crazy so i dont know different hunting rifles i mean if it can take a deer down it doesnt matter the caliber unless you're going for bigger deer like elk lol i just picked the coolest looking gun, but i also looked it up online, and i bought it at walmart lol.

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