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Sure. We have standard for AK-series: partial disassemble of it for maintain in 20 seconds with closed eyes. It's simple as auto-pencil with button.

What about American AR15 family... well, hard to say. IMHO it's generally not better and not worse than AK series. It's just another. Weapon of another military doctrine. I had no problems with disassemble and reassemble of it, it's simple and obvious. M16A2 has more "gentle behavior" than AKM or AK-74, a little more comfortable to handle it, but there's some of disadvantages in comparison to AK series. First - AR15 rifles are very strict about maintaining and cleaning. Rifle can easily make a defunkt right in the wrongest moment. More, when you cleaned rifle in warm room and then go to shoot outside where it is -40C... well, rifle won't shoot. Frost, dust, dirt, ash and burn affects American rifles too much, and that's bad. And second is - American rifles are very strict about quality of ammo. For example - hunting .223 rounds with metal painted cases (like this) are absolutely not appropriate to shoot with M16s that i saw, these rifle wants only cartridges with brass cases. But shooting process itself are very comfortable with M16, it feels like sport 22LR rifle, almost no recoil, while AKM jumps pretty roughly. Accuracy of single shots of both rifles are approximately same, everything depends on that one who shoots.

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