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Originally Posted by Totenkopf View Post
@Quanon--problem with gun control is that it doesn't really work very well. Taking into consideration that gun ownership (like free speech) is in the Constitution, arguments for and against it become quite heated here. Also, when you consider how poorly prohibition worked (never mind the current "war on drugs"), too much regulation would likely lead to a thriving black market for guns.
Mhm, I know it's a hot 'pickle' in the US to talk about guns. And what to do with it legaly. And true, it won't stop it all, prohibition being a nice example of taking it to far. Though it was a differant time. There's more involved then only these tragic shootings. There's the accidents to consider aswell. I don't know any numbers, but a lot of people get killed by guns in the USA. And most of them I think aren't really with 'evil' or 'mad' purpose.

I do know, it happens a lot less here in Europe. It does happen, even here in Belgium. Though I can count that on 1 hand.

Originally Posted by Totenkopf View Post
Anyway, sorry to hear about your bout, but good to know you've weathered it intact. Hope it's behind you and that these families can find some measure of peace down the road.
Thanks, it's a struggle, but I found a lot of help, by family and by going to therapy.

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