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KOTOR 2 Handmaiden Sisters

I haven't played KOTOR 2 in years and never with mods so I went nuts and downloaded a lot of mods to use in this current playthrough.

Everything's been fine so far except when I got to the Handmaiden Sisters. Here are some screenshots:

Now the head of the Handmaiden sisters is also the same head being used (and is based on Bastila's head) for the character "Danika" from the Danika Mod. This mod also requires the Darth Dementous mod, linked to from the Danika mod.

Also note that they have male bodies instead of female bodies and not the model seen in the screenshots for the Danika character.

The other weird item is that when I went to duel one of the sisters, they changed into mirror images of the Galen Marek pc that I'm using. They eventually changed back to the way you see in the screenshots above, but through the duel and the next Atris cutscene they were Galen Marek clones.

Any ideas what might be happening? It's not a huge deal but one I'd like to see if I can fix nonetheless.

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