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Originally Posted by Darth Payne View Post
Anyone know when/how to start Dragonborn?
Don't know. The Xbox version is out, but the PC version won't arrive until, and I quote, "early 2013". How vague can you get?

Originally Posted by Sabretooth View Post
Been a while since I've played Skyrim, but those look really good screens. Has Bethesda done anything with the engine/technical graphics? Either way it looks like they've taken some inspiration from the Morrowind conversion mod. >_>
Doubtful. They're probably Xbox screens, or they've been digitally tampered with. The original screenshots for Skyrim back in October '11 looked just as good.

Originally Posted by JesusIsGonnaOwnSatan View Post
Speaking of, does anyone else find it strange that the PC can exhibit such bravado/insolence in the faces of so many daedric lords, and survive? IMO it's basically plot protection. Case in point: Molag Bal, the daedric lord of domination and enslavement of mortals, letting you go from his cage, just because you asked. That's some bs right there.
True. I always found that disturbing so I stuck with the pleasant answers when dealing with Daedra Lords. The only one that (sort of) smites you for your insolence is Dagon, and the only one that threatens you is Sheogorath. But really, the whole quest with Molag Bal is serious BS.
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