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Originally Posted by Tommycat View Post
Following this election I have heard numerous people claim that "Republicans need to do something to woo more Latinos and African Americans to their side."
Yes, because adding a few "insignificant votes" will sway those who do the true voting. Ideally, mass vote determines the Electoral College's vote, but in reality it doesn't. I'm not saying mass vote doesn't have some play in it, but if we went by mass vote, Romney probably would be in office right now.

But HOW? African Americans vote Democrat by a VAST majority. Generally above 90%. This in spite of the fact that we DO have quite a few prominent African Americans in the party. Personally I loved Herman Cain for the primary, then the blah blah woof woof about his sexual conduct. Here in AZ we have Vernon Parker, an African American. But he isn't drawing the black vote. No matter what we do, we get called the racist party. I think that's pretty well a lost cause.
I don't quite think it's our younger generation of Republicans (i.e. me and half the other students... or younger workers...) that feel this way. I think it's just that African Americans always play the "Black" card when they're arrested or whatever... it kind of makes our older crowd (which is the majority currently) slightly prejudiced. African Americans see our elders and assume that everyone in our party is like that... it's human nature to lump everyone that claims one set of beliefs to say we're all like that.

I honestly think that we really need to take a step back and review our priorities instead. Many people actually agreed with Mitt on fiscal matters, but I think it's the social matters that really turned the tides. Here are the things that I think need to be changed by the Republican Party:
Aye. I will admit that though I didn't like Romney to begin with, I did agree with him on a few issues. Then on almost all of his social issues I said a big hell no. Another thing is Romney was truly a big question mark to me. He did say a bunch of things that contradicted his earlier statements. I realize Obama's did too, but I've seen him in office for the past 4 years, so I know more about him than I truly did about Romney. (Yea, I voted for Obama as a Republican... shocker. )

1) DROP THE OVERLY RELIGIOUS! Seriously! Yes, we were founded on Christian Ideals. BUT we are not just a Christian nation. We are especially not a hard core evangelical nation.
I agree and yet I disagree with you on this statement. If the Republicans dropped their religious stance, then that puts them so much closer to being Democratic. That is one of the big things that distinguishes us from our... competitors, I guess you would call them. Does that mean that we have to base our social issues on Christianity? Of course not. We do have other members of other religions. Romney himself is proof of that... though Mormonism is incredibly similar to Christianity to a degree... but I know a bunch of Athiest and Buddist Republicans... in essence, I don't think they should go about saying "Oh Christianity is the best, everyone should be one of us..." and crap, but I do think that religion (any religion) as a whole makes Republicans what we are.

That being said, Democrats aren't exactly religious, but they do have their religions too and some of their beliefs go with the majority of their religion too...

2) Support ending the war on drugs! It's a huge financial drain that produces very little if any results. It jails many people who otherwise would be upstanding citizens. It also adds to the unemployed and those who are on the government dole, as a conviction for a drug related offense now has his job options severely limited. It's like Prohibition. All it did was create a new criminal organization.
I have no comment on this.

3) ABORTION IS LEGAL, GET OVER IT! Really... this is a losing proposition for Republicans. Support only ensuring that they are safe for the mother. I don't think it should be free, but it should be available.
I'm about as left handed a Republican as you'll find, but I do not agree with this. I believe under certain circumstances if there's a chance that at least one of them will survive, then abortion might be okay, but for the majority I believe that Abortion should be illegal. It is taking an innocent life. From the moment the sperm fertalizes that egg, it stops being an egg, it becomes a human, even if it has not fully formed yet. I see abortion as being equal to murdering a random innocent bystander. Self defense/self preservation of course should factor in, like if the mother will die if she gives birth, ect, I believe she should have that choice... but if someone gets pregnant and has the abortion just because... well she could have at least given birth (to that which she had a part in making, because she was a willing subject) and passed it up for adoption.

4) Stop opposing safe sex education. For heaven's sake... You cannot just teach abstinence only. It does not work for everyone. Inform kids that yes, abstinence is the best way to prevent an unwanted pregnancy, but by no means is it the only way. You don't want abortions, but oppose safe sex education? SERIOUSLY???! Education is the best defense. Yes, ideally it should be the parents, but they are not doing their job, so let the schools do it.
All I have to say about this is... AMEN. xD

5) Along those lines... Stay out of people's bedrooms. If Adam and Steve want to get married. SO BLOODY WHAT! Let them. I don't want the federal or local governments in my bedroom. Neither do same sex couples.
Hmm. I always hated that biblical analogy. Because, to be honest, God didn't even make Adam and Eve... he made Adam to be a stand alone person... then when he saw that Adam was lonely he created another person from his ribs. He didn't create Adam and Eve equally... he didn't make them at the same time. So really, if you go Bible wise, God made man to be asexual. (And just so we're clear, I'm a Christian... if you find this offensive, you honestly shouldn't... I wasn't attacking Christianity. )

However, I agree. I much liked it when the Military had the don't ask, don't tell policy (however they revoked that and as far as I know, homosexual men and women are no longer allowed to serve, though I could be wrong on that... I haven't really kept up with the military lately)... it would be better for everyone if the entire country was like that.

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