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Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
They don't have me bugging them to go run go do datacron runs, dailies, daily heroics, hmfps, world bosses and Ops like you do. There was a time when I was running 3 and 4 Ops a week, I didn't have time for the other class stories becaue I was too busy running Ops and Dailies on 2 toons.
Even if he didn't, playing through all 8 character stories takes time... especially when you replay a story for a different alignment. That would be a grand total of 16 characters... then you just have to replay for old times sake. (Yes, yes... I'm a total alt-a-holic. )

Originally Posted by Rogue15 View Post
back as a subscriber...much better now. f2p is weird i guess it gets you through to probably level 50 after that its worth it to subscribe.
Sure, until you run out of money because you have no job.
But in all seriousness, even at 50 if you're still a F2P, it's not too bad... especially with the Cartel unlocks enabling you to have full access to FPs and Operations for what is it... a week? Two weeks?

And if you're referring to the action bar thing, I personally only use two action bars as a P2P... I don't use most of the "general" class abilities because most of them are aimed at getting you to 10 and then after that you generally should be using advanced class abilities... there are some circumstances where the general class abilities are useful, like for a Warrior who can use Saber Strikes to build rage regardless of Advanced Class.

That being said, I did use up all of my bars, one for Healing Flashpoints and Operations and World Bosses, two for general gameplay (which is mostly all I do, due to my alt-a-holic nature) and then a last one for PVP that absolutely NEVER got used. xD Then they added an extra two for P2P and I was like... dafuq do I do with these two empty bars?! ._. So I filled them up with pets and speeders so they wouldn't be blank.

Originally Posted by Pho3nix View Post
Hmm... might have to look into that. Still haven't figured out how to add money on my paypal.
Just attach your bank account to your paypal. That's what I did.

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