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Hm... I'm not sure exactly where, but I'm thinking it was in Jonesboro, AR that there was another shooting recently... I could be wrong that it was Jonesboro, I just know it was somewhere here in the "Hospitality" state...

Then after hearing about this, someone told me a story that made me laugh my ass off and made me feel bad because it was on the news still and people thought I was laughing at the shooting. Apparently one of the McDonalds here in my home city had an African American woman come in and pay with a twenty dollar bill... the kid behind the counter checked to make sure it was real, because (as a future McDonalds employee starting tomorrow, I read the handbook and...) all McDonald's employees are asked to mark any bill over a 10. The woman went completely lunatic like... screaming it was because she was black that he checked to see if it was counterfeit, ect... then she jumped over the counter and started beating the kid. Another employee was entering after mopping or whatever so he/she started beating the woman on the back to try and get her off and then her friend jumped over the counter and started beating up the other one...

Sometimes I look back at the world and wonder... why the hell are we so crazy? Oh yeah... because people jump to conclusions over the smallest things.

Regarding the shooting, from what I heard (or perhaps misinterpreted)... the kid's mom worked there and he went to erradicate that which she loved most as a means of revenge for whatever happened. I also heard that he murded his father in New Jersey, I believe it is... though that could be false information. This kid was obviously unstable... (not that that's really an excuse for the atrocity that he committed.)

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