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Sadly there is a lot of misinformation being thrown out there. The father is either alive, or very articulate for a zombie.

As to the gun control debate: This shouldn't be a gun control debate. The most recent shootings that I know of all have a common thread. The person was very smart, but had severe mental issues. The firearm may have added to the massacre, or it may have made him pick a large sword. Maybe a crossbow. Perhaps rather than train with a firearm, he would have trained with a bow. Heck I used to do a bit of damage with a slingshot. No matter what gets banned, someone will make another weapon that isn't banned, but just as deadly. What we need is better security at schools. Possibly even a repeal of all firearm laws, so we can make a new set of actually enforceable laws that don't contradict each other, or include feel good rules on how a weapon looks as opposed to how it operates.

Too many people also misunderstand the laws as it is.

What weapons does the assault weapon ban actually affect? Not assault rifles. Would you call a shotgun an assault weapon? if it has a pistol grip, and either a folding stock or a vertical forward grip, it is. A .308 rifle for hunting isn't an assault weapon right? If it has a detachable magazine, pistol grip, folding stock, or any of a few other random appearance modifications. How about an AK 47 semiauto? That's definitely an assault weapon right? Not if it has the wooden stock and a mag lock and the bayonet attachment removed. I said semiauto, because new selective fire weapons(Actual Assault Rifles) and machine guns are already banned for sale as of May 19, 1986(signed into law by Ronald Reagan as an amendment to the FOPA). Only those manufactured prior to may 19 1986 may be transferred to another party. There are illegal Assault Rifles out there. And they are for sale cheaper than the legal version in stores.

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