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Originally Posted by edlib View Post
What I mean is that one side always seems to take the "ban everything!!!" position, and the other always takes the "From my cold, dead hands... people kill people!... zero regulation!" position.

Neither side ever wants to give any credit to the other for strongly held and legitimate positions, and neither side ever wants to give the slightest bit of ground in a compromise... so like in most situations, we always seem to nationally meet in stalemate, and nothing realistic ever gets done.
Well, when the two sides are diametrically opposite one another ideologically, there isn't much room for compromise. It's a matter of philosophy, not degree or practicality.

But still, there has been legislation passed. There was the assault weapons ban and the waiting periods, for instance. It's been discussed, and things have been done. Obviously it varies from state to state.

Again: I don't have the answer or solutions... but it sure doesn't feel to me like anyone has ever dropped their posturing on either side to bother to try to make things better in a long time.
One thing I noticed is that people often criticize politicians for using tragedies to "further their political agendas". And while certainly tact and timing must be observed, using a tragedy as an example of why your ideas are right is not a bad thing - it's how you present evidence for your position. I guess if it's something you really believe in, that's one thing, but if it's your political agenda simply because you're in someone's pocket, well...not so much.

Do average citizens really need military-spec firearms for hunting or self-defense? I dunno... I don't like the idea of being told what I can own or not own... but maybe it's something that needs to be considered again.

Ultimately, you are right: If someone gets it in their head to commit an atrocity, they will find a way and the gear to do it. But does it need to be so easy as it currently is to equip for one? With lesser weapons at their disposal, will they be as widespread or deadly? With sufficient roadblocks to getting the gear it would take, would they drop the plan altogether?
If you can reduce, say, 20 deaths from this kind of violence per year down to 2, is that worth all the extra laws and regulations that would have to be made and enforced? Some might say yes, since that's a 1000% improvement. But it has no significant impact on the percentages of people actually getting killed. Your chances of getting killed in a school shooting like this are ridiculously low. And sure, if it's your kid that actually got killed, you feel like any action is worth it. But, being practical instead of emotional about it, I'm not sure that we can actually do anything here that is worth it.

A thought: We threw the entire military might of our nation against a loose band of terrorists with ill-defined goals scattered across foreign soil on the opposite side of the globe after a single devastating attack. We could have said: Well, what can you do? After all, this doesn't happen every day...

But obviously, some kind of action needed to happen. Realistically: It won't ever stop terrorism. But ignoring it and looking the other way wasn't an option.

I think in this instance it's similar. Anything we do won't eliminate occasional mass violence in this fashion. But it feels like this time we can't just throw up our hands this time, coast along, and not attempt to address it nationally in some way.
I was thinking about this the other day. Did we really have to do what we did? A concentrated effort to find those responsible was reasonable, but was the mass action that we took out of a sense of justice? Or was it revenge? Or just a need to DO SOMETHING? Or give the appearance that we were?

Sometimes the most reasonable course of action is to just take your bloody nose, heal up, and check your defenses for next time. A tough pill to swallow, granted.
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