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Originally Posted by frazscotland View Post
goto download it and install it its similar to messenger but for gamers. you can take in game screenshots and videos and communicate with gamer pals to arrange games thru it.
Anyways as i mentioned above logon to your xfire then start republic commando goto your CREATE INTERNET GAME and at bottom in SETTINGS change to DEDICATED server then pick your various maps or settings then start .
At first it will appear to crash the game thats ok and a small console window will appear.
In your xfire pane at top youll see OPTIONS there in the drop down u select LAUNCH SWRC so you can launch using xfire and join your own server.
Remember to close your console pane and reset your settings from dedicated to non dedicated when you play normally,
thank's for the help again thank's l wasn't able to find the awnser thank's frazscotland

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