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So a quick qeustion about the exalted gear and legacy perks.

1. The exalted belt and bracers which allow you to put an armor and mod in. I have noticed many people with endgame armor in these as in 61-63 but all the endgame armor in equipment you get seems to be bonded to chest feet hands etc. Do I have to get someone to craft this armor for me for the belt and bracers?

2. I have noticed with my Slinger at lvl 50 I get certain legacy perks like a punch jab uppercut when I reach certain Valor ranks. I have a Sent lvl 25 who has Rank 11 Valor and has unlock 2 of these perks for my 3 characters. When I get my other 2 toons to 50 do they have similiar perks that will unlock for all my toons as all 3 have gotten the punch and jab even tho only 1 is at Valor 11? Also when they reach lvl 50 does that mean my smuggler will have their buffs to add to his own since his buff is already added to theirs?

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