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Originally Posted by Eefluxx View Post
1. The exalted belt and bracers which allow you to put an armor and mod in. I have noticed many people with endgame armor in these as in 61-63 but all the endgame armor in equipment you get seems to be bonded to chest feet hands etc. Do I have to get someone to craft this armor for me for the belt and bracers?
Crafting, buying off GTN or getting lucky with a drop. Unslotted armor does drop on some bosses in Ops, but it is rare and thus far it has never been one that I could use.

Columi, Rakata, Black Hole and Campaign all have belts and bracers, but it is not slotted. However Hazmat gear does have slotted belt and mods, so to get one of these you have to do NIM EC or HM TfB. Even then, at least the one for my sawbones was a joke. Way endurance heavy, so I removed the mod from the belt and replaced it with a BH mod until I can get a better mod for that level.

Unless you are doing NIM EC or HM TfB...I wouldn't worry about a 27 armoring, look for unslotted campaign or below. It is way cheaper and more than enough to get through any content.

Originally Posted by Eefluxx View Post
Also when they reach lvl 50 does that mean my smuggler will have their buffs to add to his own since his buff is already added to theirs? have to get a second toon to the end of chapter 2 to get their buff. Now a level 1 toon with get their buff plus the smuggler buff, unless you make a agent, in which case you will only get the agent buff since it is the same buff.

For the legacy attacks under historic moments, you have to complete the class story for that to be added to your legacy.

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