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Originally Posted by Ztalker View Post
I'm a 50 Inquisitor now..

If there's one thing I've learned from playing as an Inquisitor, is that it requires you to absolutely use and know all the skills the class has. Electrocute, Jolt and other interrupts are your friend. Use them.

Also, the choice of companion is pretty important.
Since you're a sorcerer, you'll need a melee-tank like Khem.
However, for boss fights, I went with the Healer companion. You don't have him yet, though. But as a sorcerer, you can heal yourself and your companion too, despite not having the right talents.

Lastly, in your preferences, you can click 'allow other players in my story area.'
This means others can help you, although the area is supposed to be restricted to you. This is a great help for the hard Inquisitor quest. And believe me, they will become much, much harder.
Not entirely true. If he's a healer sorcerer the Boss fights will last... 2-4 hours long if he uses a healer companion. Against the final boss, I used Xalek as my sorcerer was a healer. He went down easily, even though I was only level 48. (:

Aye, you can obtain help, but honestly the first time around if you don't solo them, I kinda feel like it's cheating. That's just me. I prefer to solo what is soloable haha

:edit: Oops. I didn't realize this thread was so old. I thought someone had just recently posted on this thread. My mistake for being mobile haha

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