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Originally Posted by Trex View Post
Do you mean it freezes when you are trying to access the escape pods?
Does loading up the autosave and trying again fix it?

No, i'm afraid The game acually continues, but with black screen and no loading happen..

Originally Posted by Trex View Post
Hey, that was me!

Seriously, though when doing a mod like this, you don't always have the degree of choice you do with a professionally produced game and I'm very thankful to every voice actor who took the time to help the project. I'm at least content with all of the voices I ended up with.
Ahah, no problems Not everyone should be a voice actor! Of course, every help is admirable and deserves respect. And i perfectly understand how it's HARD to gather group to create something (believe me). My judging based on my dedication and love to SW universe, espacialy for KotOR, so it could be a bit perfectionistic..But anyway, BASTILA and REVAN should be revoiced! I can't do anything about be extremely sceptical on this metter, because they are TOO important, too iconic!
Want to say again that you did a great job! And if you will require some help in future voicing/ revoicing stuff ( HK-47, for example :-)), i will gladely help (if my acting and spelling will respond to sertain demands of course).

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