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TOR ate my KotOR
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Using the same unsubstantiated logic as those in Washington that want to blame video games, I am going to illogically state video games don’t kill, vidya saves lives. Crazy Bob who has the desire to shoot up the local Sizzler because they over cooked his t-bone, instead gets on his 360 and a shoot up geth instead. After his anger is satisfied he goes to the kitchen for a Twinkie for desert, returning angry and looking for someone to kill he fires up the 360 again.

I don’t really think violet video games, violent movies or even firearms are to blame. The person was mentally ill, the system is not designed to stop one person from a totally random act of violence and personally I would not want to live in a society that was designed to stop such as it would take away too many of the freedoms we take for granted every day. I happen to agree with the NRA in that people kill people, gun do not kill people. I also see firearms as a tool. That said, firearms and especially high capacity clips allow such random acts of violence to be more deadly and I see no reason high capacity clips should remain legal. If you can’t hit your target in 3 to 9 shots, 1. You are not protecting yourself, but are a danger to everyone around you. 2. Find another hobby. 3. Use a shotgun as self protection, but make sure I am behind you before you pull the trigger.

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