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TOR ate my KotOR
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Yeah if you are trained, then the clip isn't much of a issue. Thing is most of the crazies using them are not trained. While stopping you as a vet or someone trained in law enforcement or security may be difficult while they reload, covering the ground to stop someone that is just crazy with no formal training will be made easier when they reload.

Just talking personally as someone with no formal training, but have been around firearms my entire life. Most likely you would be able to easily stop me reloading all the weapons I own, except a single shot shotgun. I am very proficient and loading and unloading it, as I have used it since I was 7 years old. I can fire, clear and reload it before the dove hits the ground.

Let me revise that statement, I can fire, clear and safely reload it before the dove hits the ground. My dad was very much fanatical about teaching gun safety. Which is a good thing...He was a US Marine, so my firearm training is 2nd hand Marine training.

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