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Originally Posted by Tommycat View Post
I'm not sure how I feel about arming teachers...I certainly wouldn't mandate it. BUT I know a few teachers who are CCWL holders and former military. One of whom carries his weapon on school grounds even though it's a violation. You'd never know it, because the only time he would take it out is in a situation where lives depended on it. So, perhaps allow teachers to make the choice as to whether they carry, and they must obtain similar training to police officers and yearly quals to keep the "School Carry" license.
I have a bunch of friends that are teachers, most I would have no problem being around knowing they had a concealed handgun (which is saying something as I don't even like being around police officers that are armed and I am very strict about who I go hunting with). Many of them have permits, however the permit, at least in Texas, is worthless. It is even easier to get than a dog license. I have one too. Some of the teachers I know I will not even ride with them in a car because they are so hesitant entering a freeway that they scare me. I don't even want to think of them with a firearm.

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