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Originally Posted by Col_Zechs View Post
I have been replacing the in game gui with wesley's blue interface mod 2.0 I have it looking nice now but which file in that mod replaces the top menu that click on to go inventory and character panel? Heres a screenshot of what i'm talking about. All the bad red has been replaced with blue except for the menu panel at the top which is still green.
I have absolutely no idea. I just replaced all the gui as a whole and I'm not sure what all the individual parts do.

Originally Posted by Col_Zechs View Post
Can someone help me with the HK 47 quest on M4-78-B please? I have run out of scrambling droid parts that HK-47 gave me and now I can't get the final droid processor from the Proto droid.
If you speak to HK again, he should give you an alternative way.

Originally Posted by Bane's Heart View Post
I can help out with the HK-47 voice if you're planning a voice update patch:
Not too sure what I'll be doing for final updates, but I'm no too sure if I'll be doing anything that big.

To be honest, if I revoice HK I'll probably try and twist the guy who did Kannos's arm into it. This is his version I believe :

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