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I've been lurking this site, specifically this thread for a while now, and up til now, this mod has really met all my expectations. Great work!

I'm having a problem though. Every time I go to see Freedon Nadd, after "The General arrives" and the "true enemy shows its self" and all that, the game crashes right when I select an elite Sith class. No matter what I do this happens.

Then I realized that somewhere along the line, I had the Jedi Master class already on my char. I guess it happened at some point in my conversations with the Jedi ghost in that cave, but I had went to see Freedon Nadd since then and when he asked me to choose light or dark, I chose dark, so I assumed this would be fine.

Could that be causing some kind of conflict? *BTW, using the save game editor to remove the Jedi Master class didn't work*

I eagerly await your response. I'm dying to be a true Sith Lord. :P
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