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Ehh, after some deliberation I have aborted my recruit project. However, I am assembling a an addition to my Ultimate Appearance Mod 4.0 that will change the mod into "TSL Content Expansion", something I am attempting to instate as a staple content buddy.

This new mod will have all the aspects of the Ultimate Appearance Mod, plus merchant and bounty hunter encounters from SUPER content mod, plus a few other mods not by me that I am still working on acquiring. Plus multiple J type armor variations that you can choose from that I will place in the game which is something I am still working on.

Also, I am doing voiceovers for M4-78 for those of you (myself included) who will be playing that mod when it comes out! That is my priority right now, hopefully I will be done assembling this new TSL Content Expansion by the new year.

Unrelated, but I am also hopefully going to expand and rerelease my Fallout 3 mod as a base Fallout 3 mod (my current one requires some DLC to play).

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