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Lol, after the droid wedding I couldn't find HK anywhere and I couldn't complete the Main Quest.

EDIT: Replayed the level and did the MQ before the wedding - it worked! Btw fix some of your textures on M4-78-B, Trex, not the transparent ones but idk if they're supposed to be like that. But my point is that there are bugged textures which don't even display correctly, i.e. I can see the black void. And get a spellchecker to check ALL the dialogue please...

EDIT2: Wait, what!? I have 2 Canderous in my party screen instead of Shadow...

EDIT3: Great, now I got the general in my party and he took the space of one of the Canderouss but I still have Kannos in my party screen and no sign of Shadow still.

I am back.

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