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I've finished the mod, and figured the least I could do is leave a review!


Scope: The scope of this mod is just tremendous. It definitely has an epic feel to it. Part of that is the total number of planets, part of it the ship (more about that later). It's clear you put a ton of work into this, and it shows in a big way.

Planet Number and Variety: As I said, the number of planets is impressive -- and I love that there's variety to their total size. It was a smart move having a couple planets/stations that are only one or a few modules. The "quick stops" create a movie-like experience that's a lot of fun.

The Ship: What an inspired choice to use G0-T0's Yacht as the basis for the player's main transportation. While it could get tedious running around to look for people, it was well worth it. Beautifully done. I also appreciated the attention to detail of using the shuttle to travel down to planets, and the airlock to travel to the station.

Extra Companions: Having people on board that weren't members of your "party," but with whom you could interact, was tremendous and really added to the immersion factor.

Story: This is a great, great storyline. It's totally believable and logical, neither lacking in depth nor overly complicated. Tremendous stuff.

Voice Acting: Some of the voice acting in here is incredible and wouldn't seem out of place in KOTOR or KOTOR II. Kannos, in particular, is just wonderful. There's no "straight readings" with this guy. He clearly thought the character through, is conscious of what each line means, and delivers all his dialogue with flair. Kreia is also wonderful. The impression of the KOTOR II actress is great, and here again we have someone that's not just reading lines -- she's acting. Others that are very solid include Shenna, the Exile, Atton, and the voice actor who seems to do a lot of the "old men" and "authority figures" (Grenn, the Czerka station chief, etc.).

Originality: Choosing between multiple apprentices, having interesting romantic sub-plot options, a shape-shifting Jawa, a big lizard with a sophisticated speaking style, and having so many options for the ending were great and gave the name a very unique feel. Additionally, the way Freedon Nadd was used (including your initial meeting, the trials, the potential apprenticeship) was a welcome surprise.


Voice Acting: Some of the voice acting is... not quite up to par with the Kannos and Kreia performances.

The build-up to finding Revan was epic and very well-done. So, it was doubly disappointing to discover that Revan was... a high school kid doing his best gravelly voice. This is made more glaring because Revan is constantly saying things like "my child" and "I must be pushing 60." Sometimes I would mute it when Revan was talking because it took me so far out of what was happening. There were a number of other voice actors in the game that would seemed better suited to portraying Revan, so it was a strange choice to me.

Another one that "took me out of the game" was Cressa. This was mostly because the lines are delivered flatly, in the same tone of voice no matter what he was saying (he'd make a joke in the same cadence as he would deliver the news the galaxy was about to die), and far too quickly. It almost sounded like the voice actor was running late for something and wanted to blow through his lines as quickly as possible.

Bastila also left a lot to be desired.

Computer-Generated Voices: Some of these, such as Freedon Naad and Tholn, worked. But most of them heavily damaged the immersion factor and did a disservice to the dialogue, story, and dramatic tension. Tsig has such an engaging personality (based on the dialogue) that it's really disappointing she didn't get a voice actress. Her side quest wouldn't have had to be changed either.

Comedic Moments: Star Wars, and the KOTOR games specifically, are known for having light moments to ease the tension, but they're always well-timed and have a certain decorum about them. I felt like most of the comedic moments in the mod came at the wrong time and didn't "feel" like Star Wars humor. The two moments that immediately come to mind are: Revan's "you can all ask me one question" scene on the ship; and Revan saying "with this fleet I pulled out of my ass?" at the Senate. That didn't feel like Star Wars, came at a bad time, and felt juvenile for a venerable Jedi like Revan.

"Emptiness": Some of the worlds feel very empty. There's not a lot of people to interact with (many don't even have the quick little "talk bubble" above their head), and there's a surprising dearth of enemies compared to KOTOR and KOTOR II. Leveling-up can feel almost irrelevant at times.

The Ending: I didn't find the ending very fulfilling. The resolution of the main plot was good, but the "epilogue" fell flat for me. To have the entire scene dominated by Bastila and Carth, two characters that didn't feel central to my play-through of the mod, without a glimpse of the player character (or his other companions), was disappointing. It felt like: "I went through all of that just to hear Bastila prattle on pedantically and then fade to black?"

Final Verdict

This is a terrific mod. There's a lot of bugs to be worked out (I've mentioned several of them at other points in the thread), but as you noted, it's only a beta and it's very playable.

The amount of work that went into this is amazing. It's a great achievement, and you should be proud. The positives definitely outweigh the negatives and I had a ton of fun playing it. Thank you for sharing this with all of us. The storyline's terrific, and it's a satisfying follow-up to KOTOR II after years of it leaving us hanging!

Wonderful job.

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