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Updated my journal

Originally Posted by CptPriceless View Post
Wow, that looks nice man. Keep it up!
Thank you!

Originally Posted by Sith Holocron View Post
Show spoiler

Is that particular holocron placed in the cut Tatooine Rakatan Temple or am I reading the location wrong?
Originally Posted by Sithspecter View Post
I'm almost 100% certain that's the one on the Unknown World.
SS nails it.

Originally Posted by kyrie View Post
Wow looking damn good DI
Thank you.

Originally Posted by Fair Strides 2 View Post
Not sure if people want my opinion since I am talking abstract theory here, but the Jedi Holocron seems off to me.

From what I've seen on the Clone Wars tv show and read from EU(Luke and Exar Kun at the temple), the Holocron is the cube like you made it, but inside it's a swirling ball or two of lights. You could fix this in a somewhat hard-easy manner, if I have my theories working:

Change the texture on the sides of the cube to be about 60%-80% transparent and also without the swirls of color. In the model, add a sphere in the center of the inside with a completely different texture;this texture is the light, though I'd split it in two and animate the lights to move in a circled inside. You could then set the .txi of the texture for the sides of the Holocron to be either "blending additive" or "bleeding punchthrough". I think the second one is the one that I'm thinking of.

So if you think any of this has merit, could you attempt it and post screenies? If so, thanks!

P.S: If you are going to do this, someone else suggested adding an AuroraDLight on the inside for the "aura glow" effect. Hope ya found my suggestions helpful, DI!
Thank you for your suggestion, and yes, any and all opinions are welcome.

With that said, I have no intention at this point in the mod of making such a major change to the model, particularly since I'm not even certain the AuroraDLight would work, and I'm so far into the mod.

The first order of business for this update is that I hope everyone had a good Christmas.

The main point of this update is just a quick announcement that the mod is now substantially compleete, and that I am now looking for beta-testers.

I will be preparing dialogue documents for voice artists as soon as possible. SH and Zhab, you will get first refusal on parts, of course, though that still leaves me looking for one male and one female voice actor.

Further updates when I have them; there isn't much more to add except that I hope to have the mod out some time early in the new year.

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