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Originally Posted by MrBluevelt View Post
So, I've just discovered that I skipped over a huge portion of the game and went right to Rhen Var instead of gathering the Jedi Masters. Hmm. This is... disappointing.

I believe it's my fault for seeing Cressa and not going to the Senate itself. Still, it would be better if the game didn't allow me to advance the plot in that fashion prematurely, even though my own oversight caused the situation.
How did you manage this exactly?

Where you just allowed access to Cressa's office right after Revan's speech?

Originally Posted by Slstoev View Post
Um, is the Plague Victim NPCs(which is just the same NPC spawned a couple of times) supposed to be able to be farmed for LS and DS points and you can also get infinite amounts of XBoost at some point after using a few.

And btw, in your opinions
[Spoiler Alert]
Who are the best apprentices?
No, you were only supposed to be able to do the xboost stuff once. Looks like an oversight on my part.

Personally, my favourite apprentices are Rimi and Thassk, but in terms of skill they're all about equal.

Originally Posted by logan23 View Post

2- You broke the 4th wall and actually acknowledge that you are playing a game and there is a save option- this takes a player out of the game.
Maybe that's the British mentality coming through.

Honestly, games made by the British seem to have a habit of breaking the fourth wall now I'm thinking through the ones I've played.

I'll make the HK quest a little clearer in the final release and probably reduce the amount of credits he asks for.

I've seen two people now having issues with Vima not being present. Is there anyone who can confirm that they were able to find her on Aid Station?

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