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I read the novel, it was a great read! Overall plot was really nice just... Revan in stasis for 300 years, while not absurd in the Star Wars universe, is a terrible way for him to go. Same goes for The Exile, I don't mind having a name for her and I think its silly for people to cry over it. Revan's birthname is completely pointless though and would destroy his identity. He is known as Revan even in the game albeit not acknowledged a lot, not some guy called [*insert name*]

Still I believe there is potential for a KOTOR 3, its probably scrapped by now which is, in my opinion, a waste of a money milker (i'd like to think it would be). It could be set as a prequel: Revan in the Mandalorian Wars. So they haven't entirely written off the KOTOR story!! which makes me somewhat happy xD

If I had a wish, it would be Drew re-writes the Revan novel with a more 'glorious' ending that can still tie into the TOR events. Even something like Almost defeating the Emperor like we see in Revenge Of The Sith movie where Mace Windu has Palpatine against the ropes. Actually... WHY DIDN'T WE SEE THAT?! now that baffles the mind! Star Wars love to copy events based on the PT and OT movies!
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