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my new years is going to suck. last new year's was great. god i hate being single. i miss my ex, which i really shouldn't. i got a stupid profile on a dating site, one of the free ones and chicks dont even look at it, and i message some of them and like maybe 1 out of 50 (i have not emailed that many) got back to me. it's hard for me to find girls that aren't being chased by 2+ other guys, and even harder for me to start a conversation with them. i'm sortof afraid to talk to them and get interested in them again because my last 2 were psychobitches. where can i find nice+attractive girls that would give me a chance and aren't into that huge house n babies? maybe i should find myself a pothead. hmm.

then again, k_k, weren't you on or something? how exactly does that work? and can you tell the matches on it that are subscribers from the non subscribers? i dont wanna waste money on it if i'm trying to communicate with matches that aren't able to talk to me if they could. my one battle buddy here used which doesnt want to work for me, but that is how he found his wife-and she is ****ing hot.

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