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X-Wing Collector's Series on Modern Systems

You can run the X-Wing Collector's Series (X-Wing, TIE Fighter, X-Wing vs TIE Fighter Flight School) plus the game X-Wing vs TIE Fighter on modern systems by using 3rd party patch utilities called the X-Wing and TIE Fighter 95 Compatability Fix available on lucasfiles (which is down at present), and then the XWAHacker using only the fix for the game in question (use Google to find a suitable download site). Using both patch utilities will allow 3D graphics to function, making these games much more enjoyable. This cannot be done using only one of the two patch utilities. You must use both, and my recommendation is to use them in the above specified order. These games can be played in resolutions above 640x480 without losing visual quality.

These games run in VMWARE Workstation 7/8 in a Windows XP virtual machine for those who cannot get them running well in vista/7. The same method above can be used to activate 3D graphics. A problem exists however as the games will not render in full screen, but will be locked at 640x480. A bug in the CMD was also observed. If you have targeted a cruiser or other large space object the display of the target in the CMD will go blank if it is in front of the target or other large space object. These problems were not observed on the computer itself, just the virtual machine.

A modern USB joystick was used throughout these tests with no problems.

I provide this knowledge in the hope that it will be helpful for people wanting to play these old games.

Happy New Year!

May the Force be with you.

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